Why are you checking these single person discounts?

All Councils are required to ensure that discounts are awarded properly. The review of discounts helps the Council to confirm that these discounts are being accurately clamied and to identify people who are claiming the single persons discount on their Council Tax when they are not entitled to it.

The review also provides 'fairness for all' residents - helping to ensure those who are already paying the correct level of Council Tax are not subsidising those who are claiming when they should not be.

We realise that the vast majority of people claiming the discount are genuinely entitled to receive it and they have absolutely nothing to fear as they will continue to receive this discount. But the Council has an obligation to ensure that it receives all the money that is it due so it can deliver the levels of services that local people expect.

Is the Council able to use a third party to carry out the review?

Yes. The law allows the Council to contract out certain functions, including the verification of discounts. This is covered in section 12 of the Local Authorities (Contracting Out of Tax Billing, Collections and Enforcement Functions) Order 1996.

Who are Datatank - the company carrying out the review on the Councils behalf?

Datatank Limited is a market leading expert in providing intelligent data solutions to local government and have over ten years' experience. 

Datatank have been contracted by more that 150 local authorities acorss England, Scotland and Wales to undertake this review work.

How do I complete the form?

Please fill out the form online and enter your PIN number, Account number and Postcode provided on the letter.


How can I be sure that the data handled by Datatank is kept secure?

All personal data is being held and processed securely to comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection regulation and that Data Protection Act 2018. Datatank's employees are contracted to comply in the same way as any member of staff at the Council. 

What happens if I don’t complete the form?

We will assume that your situation has changed and will remove your discount, effective from the last time we checked your eligibility which will be confirmed in your new bill.

What credit information do you hold on me?

We don’t hold any credit information on you, if you want to see your credit file please contact any of the major credit reference agencies:

What happens if the form is returned after the 14 day deadline given?

As long as the completed form is returned within a reasonable amount of time you will not be penalised. If the form is very late, you may end up receiving a reminder letter. Please complete the form as before.

Why am I being asked to return my information to a Nottingham address?

All returned forms are handled by a Datatank and this is their correspondence address for this review. 

What should I do if someone is using my address for correspondence only?

Include their name and full residential address, this will then be verified.

I have already informed the Council of a change in circumstances. Do I need to complete the form?

Yes, include all the details of your current situation.

I receive mail for previous occupants, what should I do about this?

You need to write on the envelope that the person no longer lives at the address and return it to the sender.

A friend stays with me 3 or 4 nights a week, does this mean that I am no longer eligible?

If another person such as a friend, relative etc keeps their belongings at your house then the Council will need to establish where their main residence is, so you will need to provide an explantion of the situation. The more information that you give to the Council the easier it will be for a determination to be made.

What should I do if my circumstances are not covered in the examples above?

If you are still unsure how to complete the form, or your circumstances are not covered please fill out the online form here, select the fourth option ‘Other (My circumstances are not covered by the categories above’ and write an explanation of your current situation.