Review of Council Tax single person discounts

Hastings Borough Council is currently reviewing the circumstances of all people claiming the council tax single person discount. We aim to provide these residents with the best possible service during the review, by offering clear instructions for completing forms to be returned to the council.

However, occasionally circumstances may not be so easy to explain. To help in these situations we have included the most frequently asked questions that can arise throughout this review period.

Why have I been sent this letter?

We are checking that you can still claim the single person discount on your council tax.

How do I complete the form?

Please fill out the form online and enter your PIN number, Account number and Postcode provided on the letter.

If you are the only adult occupant of your property, you must tick the relevant box in section A, sign and date the form and return it. Do not write in any of the boxes provided and do not include anyone under the age of 18 years. However, If someone is due to turn 18 years old in your household within the next 12 months please complete section D of the form. 

If there is more than one adult living at the property, then please provide their name, date of birth and the date they moved into the property, in section A. If they are exempt from paying Council Tax, please provide the reason why. Look at our information on personal discounts

Once you have completed the form, you must sign and date it and return it using the envelope provided. Please note a stamp is required.

What happens if I don’t complete the form?

If you do not complete the form we will remove your discount. You will be sent a new council tax bill showing how much you need to pay.

What credit information do you hold on me?

We don’t hold any credit information on you, if you want to see your credit file please contact any of the major credit reference agencies:

What happens if the form is returned after the 21 day deadline given?

As long as the completed form is returned within a reasonable amount of time you will not be penalised. If the form is very late, you may end up receiving a reminder letter. Please complete the form and return it to us as soon as possible.

Why am I being asked to return my information to a Nottingham address?

All returned forms are handled by a centrally based local government scanning facility. They process the documents on behalf of Hastings Borough Council.

What should I do if someone is using my address for correspondence only?

Include their name and full residential address in section B, this will be checked.

I have already informed the Council of a change in circumstances. Do I need to complete the form?

Yes, include all the details of your current situation on the form.

I receive mail for previous occupants, what should I do about this?

You need to write on the envelope that the person no longer lives at the address and return it to the sender.

A friend/relative stays with me 3 or 4 nights a week, does this mean that I am no longer eligible?

If your friend/relative keeps their belongings at your house then your address will be classed as their main residence therefore you are no longer eligible for single person discount.

  • Who does your friend stay with the other 3 nights a week? If s/he stays at various addresses your address will still be classed as their main address
  • Any other reason, please provide an explanation of your current situation.

What should I do if my circumstances are not covered in the examples above?

If you are still unsure how to complete the form, or your circumstances are not covered please fill out the online form here. Select the fourth option ‘Other (My circumstances are not covered by the categories above’ and write an explanation of your current situation.